About Us

Quadrant Training Services

Quadrant Training Services (QTSL) is a training and consultancy firm providing tailored training courses and associated consultancy to several large financial institutions in London.

Typically, we provide in house courses in the full range of Microsoft Office software (Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint) to advanced levels including VBA. We also offer a number of workshops and specialist courses such as Financial Forecasting, Monte Carlo analysis and Excel/Access integration. QTSL has been running for over 30 years and was founded by the two directors.

Brian Clacher MA (Cantab.)

Brian (Brian.Clacher@qtsl.com) has over 30 years experience in IT consultancy and training. His main focus is training and developing solutions in Excel, Access and SharePoint.

Sally McMeekin BA  

Sally (Sally.McMeekin@qtsl.com) has over 27 years experience in IT training and specialises in Intermediate and Advanced PowerPoint and Word courses.